Food and drink focus group survey

Closed 27 Feb 2019

Opened 20 Feb 2019


We are two student dietitians from Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, who have been allocated the task of promotion and marketing to best inform staff and visitors for the health initiative, as follows.

As part of a state-wide initiative, CQHHS will be rolling out the “A Better Choice” initiative. The main feature of this is a “Traffic Light” system, whereby foods are classified as Green (healthiest), Amber (foods to be selected carefully) and Red (foods to be consumed rarely and in small amounts) and drinks are classified as “Healthier” and “Less Healthy”. This program is designed to help you make the healthiest choices possible in a supportive environment.

Part of this initiative is designing promotional material to be displayed around the facilities and on/near food outlets (including vending machines, cafe’s, coffee carts etc). This may also include signage specifically positioned on the labels of food items to highlight how the food item fits into the Traffic Light system.

Why your views matter

In order to create promotional material which is best suited to the staff here at Rockhampton Hospital, as representatives for CQHHS, we would like to run a focus group and educational session with you. The following survey is so that we can allocate a time and date that is most appropriate for you.

Your participation in the following survey and your attendance at our focus group will be of great importance to the successful implementation of this program.

What happens next

Once the survey has closed, the date and time for the focus group/educational session will be published.


  • Rockhampton Hospital


  • All staff