Destination 2030 Consultation Feedback

Closed 26 Sep 2017

Opened 14 Aug 2017

Feedback updated 9 Nov 2017

We asked

Destination 2030: Great Care for Central Queenslanders was endorsed by the Central Queensland Hospital and Health Board on 27 October 2017. It will now guide the planning, resourcing and delivery of Great Care for Central Queenslanders into the future.

The strategic blueprint was finalised after a thorough review of feedback from an extensive, six week, community and staff consultation. Feedback from staff, patients, consumers, partners, community groups, councils and key partners resulted is changes.

The online consultation received 101 responses and 50 pages of feedback. We also received input at 16 separate staff consultation sessions including six all-staff video conferences, 11 community consultations, emailed feedback and a written submission from Rockhampton Regional Council, feedback from Members of Parliament and a range of other partners and stakeholders.

CQ Health values the contribution and support our vision has received. During the coming weeks and months there will be many significant announcements as we deliver improvements for our community and develop care closer to home.

You said

The consultation delivered 50 pages of feedback which included:

  •  No respondent suggested any of the five objectives be removed or replaced
  • Finances and ability to recruit were identified as the major impediments to achieving the strategic vision
  • 90% supported our ambition to grow Rockhampton as the centre of excellence
  • 92% supported our ambition to “Close the Gap”
  • 95% agree that as the centre of excellence, Rockhampton Hospital should provide expert support to the key health hubs.

We did

The feedback resulted in a range of improvements including:

  • Strengthening the reference to the strategic partnership with defence forces;
  • Inclusion of a reference to Queensland Health’s Queensland Central Regional Planning process;
  • Strengthening of the Great Learning and Research objective;
  • Specific reference to partnering with the Primary Health Network;
  • Reference to an improved, contemporary physical environment for our patients consumers and staff;
  • Working with education and industry to build research and education capability;
  • Highlighting the development of Gladstone Hospital as a comprehensive general hospital for the Gladstone Region and the development of a Women’s and Children’s Centre for the provision of a broad range of maternity, medicine and women’s and children’s services; and
  • Inclusion of our commitment to work closely with the Woorabinda Council and other partners to improve the health of the Woorabinda community.


Our Destination 2030: Great Care for Central Queenslanders strategy will shape the future of health care across our region, and support our aim for Central Queenslanders to be amongst the healthiest in the world.

Our vision and our strategy for the next decade and beyond is set out in this document and it provides a clear vision for the future and the key milestones for 2020 and for 2025 that we will use to measure our progress on our journey to Destination 2030. Our ambition is simple, Great Care for Central Queenslanders, wherever and whenever we deliver it.

In delivering this vision, there are significant challenges for our communities and our hospital and health service, together with a rapidly changing context for health services across the country and internationally.

Our Destination 2030 strategy sets out these challenges and that changing context and also our ambitious plans to address these challenges, improving the care, experience, clinical outcomes and, ultimately, helping to improve the health of our population across Central Queensland.

Our patients and consumers will be at the heart of how we deliver and design services; and our clinical outcomes and our patient and consumer experience will be amongst the best in Australia, ensuring that CQ Health will be the best place in Queensland for health staff to work.

To achieve our objectives and deliver greatness for our patients, consumers, their carers, our staff and the communities we live in, we want your feedback.

We would like to know if you support our view of the future, our ambitions, our challenges and how we will measure our success.

Destination 2030 was developed with several principles in mind, and we ask that you consider these principles when sharing your advice and ideas:

  • Patient safety is paramount and this is clearly reflected in our first objective, Great Care, Great Experience. A key element of delivering patient safety is to ensure we have safe levels of appropriately qualified and experienced clinical staff available to provide appropriate, planned and emergency care for our services in Central Queensland. Where we can, we will deliver services close to home across Central Queensland. Where possible, we will support these safe staffing levels by developing centres of expertise in Central Queensland; like the regional Cancer Centre in Rockhampton to support and improve patient safety.
  • Services are planned and delivered based on demand - i.e. the number of people requiring the service - and the ability to recruit appropriately skilled expertise;
  • Recruitment of some specialised clinical skills will remain challenging for hospital and health services across the State and across Australia; and
  • Funding is a finite resource and the growing demand for health services will require innovation, ambitious partnerships and ongoing efficiencies to enable our hospital and health service to sustainably meet demand.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

If you require further information or would like to contact us, please email

View Destination 2030: Great Care for Central Queenslanders draft strategy

Why your views matter

This consultation will help shape the final Destination 2030 Great Care for Central Queenslander's strategy. All feedback on this draft document will be considered, reviewed and, where appropriate, included in the strategy before its release in November 2017.

What happens next

Feedback will be collated and reviewed prior to final amendments being made to the CQ Health Destination 2030 Great Care for Central Queenslanders strategy being formally released in November 2017.


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