Destination 2030 Consultation Feedback

Closes 22 Sep 2017

Have Your Say on Destination 2030

1. Our first two objectives ‘Great Care, Great Experience’ and ‘Great People, Great Place to Work’ will shape everything we do. With this in mind, what do you believe are the greatest challenges we will face in achieving these objectives?

2. What do you believe will be the greatest challenges we face achieving our ambition to 'deliver health services closer to home' and 'reduce the number of journeys patients need to make for their care?'

3. Do you support our ambition to grow Rockhampton as the centre of excellence to provide some of the tertiary hospital services not available in the 1200km gap between Sunshine Coast and Townsville.

4. Do you agree that as the centre of excellence, Rockhampton Hospital should provide expert support to the key health hubs in Central Queensland (Gladstone, Biloela and Emerald hospitals) to allow these facilities to grow the range of services they provide and deliver care closer to where our patients and consumers live?

5. Do you support our ambition to “Close the Gap” regarding the health outcomes of our indigenous community?

6. We plan to introduce programs that target lifestyle-related illnesses, such as our program to encourage and support Central Queenslanders to quit smoking and save 10,000 lives by 2030. What lifestyle-related illnesses do you believe should be prioritised through this program?

7. We have five objectives. For each of these, please rate from 1 (not important at all) to 5 (extremely important) how important you believe they are to CQ Health achieving its vision of providing ‘Great Care for Central Queenslanders’.

Objective 1: Great Care, Great Experience – Safe, compassionate care, delivered to the highest standards, close to home, with consumers at the heart of what we do.
Objective 2: Great People, Great Place to Work – Great staff working in great teams with a culture of supporting and investing in our people’s future.
Objective 3: Great Learning and Research – Great place to learn, research and shape the future of healthcare.
Objective 4: Great Partnerships – Working collaboratively with our partners to deliver great care and improve the healt of Central Queenslanders.
Objective 5: Sustainable Future – Securing the future of great healthcare with efficient, effective, affordable and sustainable services.

8. Should we modify, remove or replace any of our five objectives? If so, which ones and why?

9. Please tell us what is your local facility (eg. – Biloela Hospital) and explain what sustainable services you believe we could reasonably provide there now and into the future.

10. Do you have any other ideas that may help us achieve our objectives? If so, please detail the objective and your ideas below.

11. Other comments